It’s no secret that the workplace can directly impact your employees’ productivity. An inefficient layout or uncomfortable furniture can cause your employees to be easily distracted and foster discontent in the workplace. At Corporate Interior Solutions, we know that you want your business to run as smoothly as possible and, often, that starts with your employees’ well-being. Consider these design elements that will boost employee productivity and overall office morale.

Office Design Elements That Promote Productivity

Ergonomic Workstations

Nothing will lull your employees into a state of unproductiveness like being confined to an uncomfortable desk all day long. Instead of traditional desks, consider adjustable chairs to improve posture, and reduce stress and strain on the body. Additionally, sit-stand desks or other furniture that prompts employees to switch up positions throughout the day, or work comfortably on their feet, allows them to rejuvenate both physically and mentally. At CiS, we build custom office furniture that will fit your unique space and promote employee productivity.

Creative Storage Solutions

Another great way to promote productivity is by reducing the amount of clutter collecting on your employees’ desks. Nothing wastes time like hunting through a giant pile of papers for a specific document, or searching through a drawer full of junk for a laptop charger. Encourage a tidy workspace by installing creative storage and shelving in and around employee workspaces. Additionally, shelving that employees can reconfigure and personalize will also make it easier to liven up their workspaces with pictures, plants, or other individual touches that will further inspire productivity.

Office Art

Artwork has been known to lower stress and make employees feel more comfortable. Often, corporate offices are filled with decor that is uninspiring and easy to overlook. Rather than using tired “inspirational quotes” or cliche stock photos of achievement, use genuinely impressive artwork or photography to naturally encourage creativity. Plus, as an added perk, art makes a statement about your company and its values.

At Corporate Interior Solutions, our design process was crafted to work within all steps of the design process. We will help you brainstorm and fabricate the entire project from start to finish, or we can incorporate your creative ideas into a tailor-made lobby, office space, or showroom. Get started today by contacting us in Indianapolis at (317) 890-1100.