If your employees spent any time working from home in the past couple of years, their reentry to office life may be a hard adjustment. Many employees got used to working in their pajamas and sitting on a couch all day long. These facts make your break room design more important than ever. That’s why our team at Corporate Interior Solutions has come up with three things you can incorporate into your break room to encourage your employees to recharge during long days at the office.

Break Room Design

1. Comfortable Seating

If you want to create an area where workers feel like they can actually unwind and leave the confines of their cubicles, invest in comfortable seating, such as sofas, couches, and coffee tables. Your staff will not only feel more at ease because of this, but those who like quiet time or need to have a private chat can also use this without being overheard. At Corporate Interior Solutions, we build custom office furniture that will meet your unique needs and style while also matching your corporate image.

2. Thoughtful Decor and Activities

If you want your break room to live up to its name, it should be designed to give your employees a break! We love to see break rooms with recreational features such as game tables or even workout equipment. It’s also a good idea to decorate the break room in a thoughtful and invigorating way. Use bright colors, bring in plants and other natural elements and make your employees feel valued. This is also a great place to display some corporate branding in order to remind your employees of the company’s values or history.

3. Organization Solutions

Finally, as you plan your break room design, be sure to include room for organizational elements. Your employees will have a hard time relaxing and unwinding in a cluttered and messy room. Instead, encourage a tidy room by installing creative storage and shelving around the break room.

At Corporate Interior Solutions, our design process was crafted to work within all steps of the design process. We will help you brainstorm and fabricate the entire project from start to finish, or we can incorporate your creative ideas into a tailor-made lobby, office space, or showroom. Get started today by contacting us in Indianapolis at (317) 890-1100.