While it may seem like a pretty straightforward task, choosing furniture for your corporate office is actually a very important part of creating a productive and attractive atmosphere. The right furniture and layout can help facilitate communication and collaboration between your employees, and can also retain and attract top talent in your field. To help you make these important decisions, our team at Corporate Interior Solutions has put together a list of common mistakes we’ve seen made when buying office furniture.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Office Furniture

1. Measuring Incorrectly

Often, when selecting office furniture, you may think you can simply “eyeball” the measurements and purchase pieces that will fit. However, without properly measuring a space and creating a functional layout, you can’t be sure a bench won’t impede the flow of traffic or the tables will be adequately spaced without blocking nearby doorways. At CiS, we design, build, and install custom furniture and millwork so you can be sure what you purchase will not only fit, but will complement your space beautifully.

2. Purchasing Low Quality Pieces

Whether you’re furnishing a new office space or redesigning your current one, it can be a big undertaking. It can be tempting to settle for lower quality pieces to make your budget stretch a bit further and stay above the bottom line. However, poor quality pieces wear out faster, show damage more easily, and may make it more difficult for your employees to be comfortable. Instead of settling for less, think of your furniture as an investment in your business’ future, and purchase quality, customized furniture for your office space.

3. Purchasing from the Wrong Company

The final mistake we recommend avoiding is purchasing from the wrong company. In this age of online shopping, there are plenty of bargains to be found quickly and easily, but will that company help if something goes wrong? It’s much safer and more efficient to work with a reputable company that will be by your side through the entire furnishing process, from planning to installation and beyond.

Avoid these mistakes by working with the experts at Corporate Interior Solutions. Located in Indianapolis, we provide custom lobby furniture and millwork construction throughout Indiana, including CarmelGreenwoodZionsville, and beyond. Request a consultation today for your next custom-designed furniture project, online or by contacting our office at (317) 890-1100.