Remodeling your corporate office can be a huge investment of both time and resources, but often it can add tremendous value to your business. The first step is hiring a qualified and renowned design team that has the experience and capability to deliver on-time quality work with a service-oriented attitude. With Corporate Interior Solutions, you’ll have that – and more. As you begin your plans to remodel your corporate office, consider these key design elements that can really make your space pop.

Modern Office Design

1. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have been a popular design choice in offices and homes alike for years now. People generally like the feeling of open spaces and not being closed in by too many walls. In an office, open floor plans create more views across multiple spaces, which encourages collaboration and allows changes to be made to the floor plan when necessary. Overall, it improves the general morale of the space by allowing your employees to get up and move about more frequently.

2. Add Color

When designing a contemporary office space, using color is a very popular choice, and for good reason. Certain colors have been shown to have specific effects on people, without them consciously knowing or understanding it. For example, orange makes people feel more energetic while greens and blues are used to create a calming atmosphere.

3. Modern Furniture

Furniture that caters to everyday life makes working easier. Being connected to energy and the Internet keeps us all sane, as well as productive, but it isn’t always pretty. Desks and work areas that successfully and seamlessly integrate technology while hiding ugly and hazardous cords serve a big purpose in the modern workspace. At CiS, we build custom office furniture that will fit your unique space, particular style, and specific corporate image.

If you’re stressed or confused about taking on an office remodel, Corporate Interior Solutions will make all your worries melt away. Contact us at (317) 890-1100 for a free consultation. We’ve served many satisfied customers throughout the Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Greenwood, and Zionsville.