If you’re a business owner in Indianapolis, you know that for a business to succeed you must pour your blood, sweat, and tears into it. There’s no shortage of sacrifices to be made and goals to be met. Our team at Corporate Interior Solutions knows you have something to show off, and we have the perfect way to do so- with a corporate timeline displayed proudly in your business headquarters. From humble beginnings to bold goals for the future, let CiS showcase the iconic events that define who you are and what you stand for today.

Corporate Timeline

Display History

To be a successful business owner, you need to motivate your employees and devise smart strategies for the future. Displaying your history can do both as it instills a sense of identity and purpose and suggests the goals that for the future. Also, history is a rich explanatory tool with which executives can make a case for change and motivate people to overcome challenges. As a business with a rich heritage, a company history wall can display each step of your past in a uniquely impressive way.

Display Goals

A corporate timeline doesn’t just have to be about where you’ve been, it can also be about where you hope to go. Displaying your company’s history is a great way to visualize the goals you’ve met, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Why not take the timeline into the future several years and show your employees what goals you hope to meet alongside them. Displaying corporate goals shows that the leadership has a clear direction and builds trust with your employees. It also helps them understand the importance and impact of their work.

Display Corporate Culture

Not only are corporate timelines there for your employees, customers and visitors to see, it also portrays your corporate culture. Overtime, the wall becomes part of your brand and your clients and workforce alike come to believe in what the organization stands for along with its goals and vision. Above all, company timeline wall murals tell a story and for every corporation, that story is an important one.

Honor your company’s heritage with an exclusive corporate timeline wall from Corporate Interior Solutions. Request a consultation online today or contact us at (317) 890-1100. We are proud to offer a variety of custom interior services such as lobbies/offices and showrooms, window frosting, vinyl graphics, and more. We are pleased to provide these services, along with meetings and events management, for clients in the greater Indianapolis area.