Corporate office spaces are constantly improving and evolving to better accommodate today’s professionals. In modern workspaces, collaboration is often encouraged whereas separate, closed-off offices are becoming more and more rare. That’s why, when designing modern offices, many choose to incorporate window frosting between spaces rather than fully opaque walls. At Corporate Interior Solutions, we install window frosting for your corporate office that is both beneficial and stylish!

Benefits and Design Options for Office Window Frosting

Benefits of Window Frosting

Window frosting is a cost-effective way to add privacy and decoration to your office while still maintaining an open and bright atmosphere. It can be used for conference rooms, to create a more well-defined location without using oppressive walls. Window frosting is also quite cost-effective, as it is easy to maintain and very practical to use. With traditional glass windows, you need to add other elements for privacy purposes; however, with frosted glass, you won’t need to spend extra money on curtains or blinds.

Window Frosting Design Ideas

Not only is window frosting practical, it is also an opportunity to add decoration to your office space. The options are almost unlimited, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Corporate Branding – Window frosting is the perfect opportunity to add some branding to your space. Use your company’s logo or core values to add some spirit to an otherwise blank wall. Your employees and visiting clients alike will appreciate this touch.
  • Abstract Design – Adding an abstract design to your window frosting is great for an office with a creative atmosphere. You can still give a subtle nod to your company by using brand colors, but the abstract design will inspire your employees and provide much-needed visual stimulation.
  • Business Related Content – Similar to using your company logo or list of core values, you could also use window frosting to incorporate something that is unique to your company. Maybe your company has ties to a specific geographic location and, if so, you could get window frosting in the form of a city map. Anything that is special and unique to your company would look great in the form of window frosting!

Corporate Interior Solutions

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