Every business, no matter the size, has a story to tell. At Corporate Interior Solutions, we believe that that story should be told in a bold way with a corporate timeline display. Corporate timelines tell your story in an engaging way and help your employees and clients develop a connection to your business. If you’re looking for a way to bring your Indianapolis office to life, start with these three steps towards creating a corporate timeline display.

Designing a Corporate Timeline

1. Consider Your Audience

As we mentioned before, a corporate timeline is a storytelling tool, so you must first understand who you are communicating with. Start by considering who will be in your office space most often and how you want them to feel about your business. Are you displaying your corporate timeline for your employees to understand the history of the company? Or do you want prospective clients to view the timeline and be encouraged to work with you? This should help you decide how much to display and how to display it.

2. Organize the Flow of Ideas

After you’ve decided on your audience, you can begin organizing the flow of ideas you plan to display. These ideas should tell a cohesive story in a way that is easy to understand for people who aren’t familiar with your history. You should also consider other ways to add to your timeline if you don’t have decades of history to work with. You can add in goals and other corporate culture elements to show a clear direction in the business. Just make sure the list of events is presented in a consistent, connective, and chronological way.

3. Work with the Right Design Partner

Finally, once you have decided to display a corporate timeline, you need to make sure you work with the right design partner. You need a professional company that will honor your company’s heritage while also creating a beautiful display that you will be proud to show off. At CIS, our team works with a wide variety of materials, from vinyl decals to custom woodwork, and incorporates colors, fonts, and shapes while keeping your brand identity at the forefront of the design.

Start designing your corporate timeline today with help from Corporate Interior Solutions. We’ve been creating beautiful corporate timelines for businesses in the Indianapolis area since 2000, and we look forward to working with you. Contact us at (317) 890-1100 or request a consultation online.