Many office interior designs have large glass windows or doors to create a modern, open feel. However, the downside of all that glass is the lack of privacy it offers. Rather than replace the glass doors with solid materials or covering them with window treatments, our team at Corporate Interior Solutions suggests window frosting. Window frosting is highly beneficial in a variety of ways, and is much cheaper and easier to install than replacing the glass in your office.

Window Frosting

Add Privacy

Privacy is a great benefit of window frosting. As your business grows, privacy becomes a pressing issue. Conference room meetings, phone interviews, one-on-one meetings, and more need to be completed in a well-defined location with little interruption. So how do you create privacy in an already full space? By adding office window frosting to existing glass walls.

Add Decoration

The design etched into the window frosting film makes the interior design of the office atmosphere much more pleasant and lively. Our design team can create graphics that are on-point with your corporate branding, or we can work with a design you may already have in mind. The possibilities are truly endless with the graphics studio at CiS. We work with a variety of vinyl films, colors, and finishes, and we can frost existing or new glass.

Save Money

Window frosting costs less to decorate glass and implement privacy compared to other methods. It is also easy to maintain, easy to clean, and very practical to use. The film can be upgraded and removed at any time. Take advantage of the cost-efficient yet artistic capabilities window frosting can provide for your corporate image.

Corporate Interior Solutions is happy to help you create more privacy or elevate your corporate image with our custom frosted glass designs. Request a consultation online today or contact us at (317) 890-1100. Our team provides custom design solutions for lobbies/offices and showrooms, corporate timelines, interior signs, and more. Located in Indianapolis, we also serve the areas of Carmel, Greenwood, Zionsville, and beyond.