Although remodeling your corporate office can require a significant time and resource commitment, it often has a significant positive impact on your company’s bottom line. The first step is to choose a reputable design team with the expertise and ability to deliver high-quality projects on time while maintaining a service-oriented mindset. You’ll have that and more with Corporate Interior Solutions. To get started, take a look at these 3 popular color schemes to find one that will make your work environment an inspiring and motivating one.

How to Choose an Office Color Scheme

1. Calming Blues and Greens

Blues and greens are examples of cool hues that are soothing and comforting. Specifically, the color blue encourages focus and communication while fostering a sense of security and comfort. This makes it an excellent choice for administrative offices or workplaces where meticulous, analytical work is the norm. Also, it is well-liked by both sexes, making it a popular color for communal areas like conference rooms and office cafes. Green radiates harmony and renewal, much like it does in nature. Its calming effect might aid in reducing stress and enhancing focus. Deep green looks great in front lobby areas, break rooms and medical or financial offices.

2. Energizing Yellows, Reds, and Oranges

Yellow is a cheery color that enhances creativity, self-assurance, and mood, giving workers a wonderful attitude toward productivity. It’s the ideal color for collaborative, innovative, and brainstorming-intensive work environments. Pick a cheerful color that makes the workplace feel upbeat and is simple to decorate without being over the top. Red is another stimulating color that encourages a sense of urgency and alertness, but it should only be used in small doses because it can be too intense for some. In an office that needs a pick-me-up, orange, a combination of yellow and red, can inspire zeal, endurance, and energy.

3. Welcoming Neutrals

Finally, consider using neutral hues for a welcoming office vibe. Off-white or tans provides a canvas for bolder colors used as accents around your office. Too much gray may be depressing, but using subtle shades can create a clean, neutral backdrop for more mind-stimulating colors like blue and green. Additionally, because of its warm undertones, brown works well as a counterbalance to more lively hues like yellow and orange.

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